Oct 2021: “Modality-specific tracking of attention and sensory statistics in the human electrophysiological spectral exponent” published in ELife.

Aug 2021: “Enhancing oscillations in intracranial electrophysiological recordings with data-driven spatial filters” published in PLOS Comput Biol.

Jul 2021: Natalie Schaworonkow starts a new position with David Poeppel at ESI Frankfurt.

Jul 2021: Trevor McPherson joins the lab, co-mentoed with Tim Gentner.

Jun 2021: Blanca Martin joins the lab, co-mentored with Alysson Muotri.

Jun 2021: “Methodological Considerations for Studying Neural Oscillations” published in European J Neurosci.

May 2021: Richard Gao awarded a Chancellor’s Dissertation Medal.

Mar 2021: Tom Donoghue starts a post-doc position at Columbia University.

Feb 2021: PhD student, Daril Brown, inducted into the Bouchet Honors Society!

Feb 2021: Richard Gao starts a post-doc position at Technical University of Munich.

Jan 2021: “The logic of developing neocortical circuits in health and disease” published in J Neurosci!

Dec 2020: “Teaching creative and practical data science at scale” accepted in Journal of Statistics Education!

Dec 2020: “Longitudinal changes in aperiodic and periodic activity in electrophysiological recordings in the first seven months of life” accepted in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience!

Nov 2020: “Parameterizing neural power spectra into periodic and aperiodic components” published in Nature Neuroscience!

Nov 202: “Neuronal timescales are functionally dynamic and shaped by cortical microarchitecture” in eLife!

Oct 2020: Richard Gao’s PhD Defense. Congrats Dr. Gao!

Sep 2020: Tom Donoghue’s PhD Defense. Congrats Dr. Donoghue!

Aug 2020: PhD students, Michael (MJ) Preston and Andrew Bender joined the lab.

Jul 2020: PhD students, Eena Kosik and Quirine van Engen joined the lab.

Jun 2020: Math PhD student Eric Lybrand joined the lab.

Apr 2020: Software developer Ryan Hammonds joined the lab.

Aug 2020: PhD Student, Sydney Smith joined the lab!

Aug 2019: Post-doc Stephanie Martin has joined the lab!

Apr 2019: Post-doc Stephanie Martin was named one of the inaugural HDSI Postdoctoral Fellows!

Apr 2019: Post-doc Natalie Schaworonkow has joined the lab!

Sep 2018: Voyteklab undergraduate researchers Geeling Chau, Jairo Chavez, Lauren Liao, Luyanda Mdanda, and Sashaank Pasumarthi were all selected for the inaugural Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute Data Science Research Fellowship! Congratulations all for your fantastic work.

May 2018: Brad was promoted to Associate Professor, with tenure. Phew!

Apr 2018: Sydney Smith joins the lab as the lab manager!

Sep 2017: Brad is profiled in Scientific American: “Scientists: Advertise Your Failures!”

Sep 2017: Neurosciences PhD student Tammy Tran received a UCSD-NIH Institute for Neural Computation Training Grant in Cognitive Neurosciences!

Jul 2017: Neurosciences MD/PhD student Tunmise Olayinka, co-advised with collaborator Alysson Muotri is awarded a UCSD Genetics Training Program Grant!

Apr 2017: Cognitive Sciences PhD student Richard Gao published a new paper in NeuroImage! “Inferring synaptic excitation/inhibition balance from field potentials” (PDF).

Apr 2017: Congratulations to post-doc Erik Peterson! He’s accepted a job in computational neuroscience at Kernel.

Apr 2017: Scott published a new review paper in The Journal of Neuroscience! “Nonsinusoidal beta oscillations reflect cortical pathophysiology in Parkinson’s disease” (PDF).

Feb 2017: Brad is profiled by UC Berkeley.

Jan 2017: Tom received a Cognitive Neuroscience Society Graduate Student Award!

Jan 2017: Scott published a new review paper in Trends in Cognitive Sciences: “Brain oscillations and the importance of waveform shape” (PDF).

Dec 2016: Tammy published a new paper in NeuroImage: “Alpha phase dynamics predict age-related visual working memory decline” (PDF).

Aug 2016: Brad published a new Perspective paper in PLOS Computational Biology: “The virtuous cycle of a data ecosystem” (PDF).

Jun 2016: Congratulations to Richard Gao, second-year Cognitive Science PhD student in our lab, for being awarded a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Doctoral Graduate Scholarship!

May 2016: Congratulations to Tammy Tran, second-year Neurosciences PhD student in our lab, for winning a Kavli Institute Innovative Research Grant!

Feb 2016: Brad wins a Computational and Systems Neuroscience (Cosyne) New Attendee Travel Award.

Nov 2015: Brad becomes the Neurosciences Organizing Member for the National Academy of Sciences, Kavli Frontiers of Science (KFoS) symposium.

Nov 2015: Brad was elected to be a National Academy of Sciences, Kavli Fellow.

Sep 2015: Brad’s essay on the death of Oliver Sacks is published in Wired (link).

Sep 2015: Brad published a new experimental paper from his post-doc days in the Journal of Neuroscience: “Age-related changes in 1/f neural electrophysiological noise” (PDF).

Jul 2015: Brad published a new experimental paper from his post-doc days in Nature Neuroscience: “Oscillatory dynamics coordinating human frontal networks in support of goal maintenance” (PDF).

Jun 2015: Brad published a new theory paper with his PhD mentor, Robert Knight, in BiologicalPsychiatry: “Dynamic network communication as a unifying neural basis for cognition, development, aging, and disease” (PDF).

Apr 2015: Brad was interviewed by the New York Times about recent breakthroughs in the neurophysiology of Parkinson’s Disease.

Feb 2015: Brad was recently named as a 2015 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Neuroscience!

Feb 2015: Congratulations to Richard Gao, first-year Cognitive Science PhD student in our lab, for winning a Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program (FISP) award!

Jan 2015: Congratulations to the students of UCSD for founding the Data Science Student Society (DS3)!

Dec 2014: Brad’s “Scientific Resolutions for 2015” are in livescience.