Code & Data

Our lab codebase is almost entirely in Python. Below we break out our software into three domains: Scientific, Paper-specific, and Teaching & Educational. While we host our code primarily on the lab's Github repo, several of our projects have expended to full-fledged packages hosted on their, independent project repos (listed below). This is done in the spirit of open source development and not having any one research group "own" a project. As you can see, we strongly believe in open science, open data, and collaboration over competition. Voytek has published a few Reviews/Perspectives on this topic:

Scientific Software

We've got a number of Jupyter notebook Tutorials on the lab repo on there for basic field potential analysis methods. We also have done the initial development for three independent packages:

Paper-specific Code

We also include code and data (where possible and permitted) for our manuscripts. The list of papers for which these are available are below:

Teaching & Educational Software

Lab members also teach a number of data science, programming, and neural analytics classes. voytek_whiteboard